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Our project is a free application, available under Android and iOS, allowing you to live escape games at the urban scale. Choose a scenario in your city and your district according to its length and its difficulty.

Scenario list

Each scenario covers a theme or a particular era for your immersion to be optimal. Your choice defines your progress, places you’ll see and characters you’ll meet. Be curious!

Start the adventure

Once a scenario is started, tic tac, the clock is running. You immediately receive messages and falls from fictional character explaining the stake of your mission and where it will start. Will you choose to trust the characters you met? Or will you betray them? The investigation depends on it!


Through your progression, characters with their own goals, their personality and their rough honesty, guide you through your investigation. It’s up to you to put parts of the puzzle together. You receive clues, maps, enigmas and you have to send the right code to move on. There are several ways to solve the same mystery, so don’t worry if you’re stuck, if you’re perceptive enough you’ll get out!


To help you solve enigmas or simply to learn, our wiki available for you during the whole adventure. It contains information on characters of the scenario, discovered building or even on overall concepts that may help you to progress!
It will be updated according to the choices you made, and your progress in the story.


We produce official scenarios but strongly support you to participate: we create platforms to edit easily your own scenarios. Wherever you want, without any knowledge!
Best scenarios will be highlighted in the app and will receive the "crush of the Codex D. team"!

Scenario Model